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Brown Wooden Bedroom Set composed of 2 Bedsteads

Blue and green living room


High-End Living Room

High-End Bedroom that includes a bedstead


FERRI is a company with long tradition in furnishing. The dream of Mr. Ahmad El Ferri started in 1959 in the heart of Tripoli, the second capital of Lebanon, center of furniture. This witnessed the beginning of the dream of its founder which then diversified to cover FURNITURE, LIGHTING, and GIFTS & ACCESSORIES.
Later in the 1990's, FERRI launched its own furniture company. After establishing itself in the local market, FERRI expanded nationally and internationally. FERRI has branches and showrooms through-out Lebanon and the Gulf.


FERRI offers a wide range of products that are ever more sophisticated and exclusive for all settings, both public and private. These objects are always striking in terms of creativity, details and finishing. FERRI has extensive knowledge of national and international markets and has made high quality, style and luxury the distinguishing features off its collection.


Mr. Ferri always conceives, tries out, and experiments with new ideas and products to create aesthetic solutions in furniture with the final goal of creating extraordinary products full of charm and glamour; objects that are made to be admired.


Produced using high quality of wood and elegant textiles, all FERRI creations are enhanced by their attention to even smallest details, with the knowledge the details are what make each individual product unique and excellent.

Working Hours: Monday - Friday : 9:00 AM - 7: 00 PM Saturdays: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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