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No Brands


Dining Table


Dining Table


Natuzzi Salon

Furniture Salon


Vega Salon


Table Wood


Dining Table

Iron Lantern


Oak Dining Chair



Garnishing people’s days with style and enriching their life with quality furniture and accessories at affordable prices.
Offering multi brands that fit all tastes and styles.
Customizing products based on people’s needs. 
Following the latest trends coming from all over Europe.


Home City is where comfort and design meet with affordable solutions for better living

Home City’s work revolves around the ultimate vision of continually striving to be the market leader in providing high quality and distinguished furniture with all price ranges 
we are not just selling furniture. We are selling concepts and lifestyles. 
We are always seeking to become trend makers and innovators based on lifestyle and technology.
We are thriving to make your lifestyle easier, by combining good looks with functionality to bridge the gap between a house and a home.


Working Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday: Closed

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