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OUR BRAND IDENTITY Day after day, Metabo products prove their efficiency in professional use - in the hardest of conditions - worldwide. Where professionals give their best, they have to be able to rely 100% on a partner, even more: They have to trust that partner. Therefore "when it matters" is the core thought of our new international brand appearance, which shows the use of our tools on construction sites all over the world - authentic, illustrative, genuine. The appearance supports this with a powerful and brand-specific delivery. Cutting/grindingCutting/grinding Cutting discs Grinding discs Diamond cutting discs Flap discs Fibre sanding discs Further categories (10) Drilling/chiselling Drilling/chiselling SDS-plus drill/chisel bits SDS-max drill/chisel bits Concrete/stone drill bits Wood drill bits Metal drill bits Further categories (11) Sawing Sawing Jigsaw blades Sabre saw blades Circular saw blades Band saw blades Multi-tool accessories Further categories (6) Accessory sets/specials Accessory sets/specials Bit sets Drill bit sets Chucks Chisel bit sets Cutting discs Further categories (3) Chucks Chucks Keyless chucks Geared chucks Chuck keys Further accessories chucks Compressed air Compressed air Accessories for compressors Compressed air preparation Compressed air distribution Accessories for compressed air tools Sanding/grinding and polishing Sanding/grinding and polishing Grinding media random orbital sander Grinding media for orbital sanders Grinding media for triangular base-plate sanders Grinding media belt sanders Grinding media long-neck sanders Further categories (10) Screwdriving/fixing Screwdriving/fixing Screwdriving bits Screwdriving bit sets Bit holders Screw-type angle attachments Accessories for drywall screwdrivers Further categories (4) Accessories for cordless machines Accessories for cordless machines Battery packs Charger Basic sets Special accessories Other accessories Other accessories Case systems Stirrers Renovation milling machine/grinder Accessories for wall chasers Accessories for vacuum cleaners Battery pack systemsBattery pack systems 10.8 Volt class 18 Volt class 36 Volt class Processing Stainless Steel Cordless tools Cordless tools Cordless Drill / Screwdriver Cordless Drills Cordless Hammer Drills Cordless Stirrers Cordless Impact Wrench Further categories (28) Cutting, sanding, milling Cutting, sanding, milling Angle grinder Metal processing Stainless steel Wood processing Concrete, stone, plaster Drilling, Screwdriving, Chiselling, Stirring Drilling, Screwdriving, Chiselling, Stirring Rotary and chipping hammers Impact Drills Drills Cordless Drill / Screwdriver Magnetic Core Drills Further categories (4) Sawing Sawing Circular saws Jigsaws Mitre saws Metal saws Multi-tool Further categories (6) Semi-stationary tools Semi-stationary tools Mitre saws Crosscut and Table Circular Saws. Pull Saws Table circular saws Site Circular Saws Further categories (3) Water and Pump Technology Water and Pump Technology Drainage Irrigation Household water supply Compressed Air Compressed Air Compressors Compressed Air Tools Vacuums and Extraction Vacuums and Extraction All-purpose Vacuum Cleaner Chip and Dust Extraction Units Others Others Combination sets Hedge Trimmers Measuring Technology Stapler Glue Guns