Rugs America launches new website for pet collection

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Rugs America has launched a new website for its Pets@Heart collection with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Rugs America first launched the Pets@Heart pet rug line in March during the spring edition of the New York Home Fashions Market.

Branded as a separate division from Rugs America’s standard line,

Pets@Heart is expanding with new offerings as well as a new website, , where it is presenting the growing assortment with product imagery, design and collection information.

"As a pet owner and certified dog trainer, I can confidently say that Americans view their pets as furry children,” said Jessica Bartels, director of marketing for Rugs America. “With 47 million households owning a cat and 60 million households owning a dog, it is a clear indication that we regard our pets as beloved family members. Pets@Heart was born as a craft of love to honor our pets, and pet owners can truly connect with the product. That was the main intention with the creation of the Pets@ Heart brand."

Rugs America will be showing its Pets@Heart collection during the September New York Home Fashions Market at its showroom at 295 Fifth Avenue, suite 1203.