Numbers one 1 Magento Website in the World Best Magento website TOP Magento web globally 2017 Online Furniture Business

Furniture Catch LLC is the result of 3 years study to how to help any person looking for furniture in any country to find the right products without having to drive around, visit many websites and enquire about pricing so forth. Find any Furniture, Home Appliances, Electronics, and Sanitary products by searching under one roof all stores databases, by categories, by types, by brands and much more advanced search features such as colors and your location.

Any furniture store should create their own eStore with Furniture Catch  as the platform is world class and the main goal is to feed all stores by increasing their traffic, emails, phone calls, buy or sell online and generate the stores more profits in parallel maintaining an excellent verified database for our visitors and members. 




iBaroody has spent thousands of man hours advanced senior PHP programming time to access Magento core system and source files and turn this project into an award winning highest level three way eCommerce automated and fully easily managed an online business. The System consists of Vendors Accounts Five different sections each considered as an independent website

Vendors accounts
have been created. Each vendor chooses the Business type and Store retail type. Each vendor can upload tens of thousands of products and images using one excel into his /her sub website. Each vendor’s accounts (eStore or eShop) is designed and developed as if a retailer spent over $40,000 to build their eCommerce website and system.

iBaroody has developed and integrated a membership software from scratch giving the owners of this project the ability to create several different layers of accounts. The Super ADMIN can easily create settings, privileged gastric or give the ability for any membership globally and even per Vendor account and all the way to one product level.
Standard memberships Featured memberships Individual account memberships

Brands Sub websites
Each Brand is a sub website. All Brands products are automatedly set to show as featured or per main or sub category when uploaded by Vendors accounts Classifieds system For Individual members to advertise and promote the sales of their products new or used for free. As of July 2017, there is no Magento High-End World Class website and system built with such perfection and to the same level as this iBaroody project globally. iBaroody will submit this project to Magento for magento programmers to judge and award iBaroody for no one has ever used the Magento one eCommerce Open Source to reach such level of automation and level of conducting busiens online.

3 Different Apps
This massive complex yet very user-friendly project is supported by Android and IOS Apps designed and developed by iBaroody. Also, iBaroody has built Facebook App to allow any retailer to download the APP and promote or directly sell online their products from their Social media p[rofile and fan pages.