Tips to Buy and Sell Furniture Online

Planning to add some new furniture to your home? Or, are you planning to replace some furnishings that are now looking out-of-place in your refurbished home? Whatever be the reason, to buy and sell furniture you can rely on an online portal. Yes, there are sites where you can conveniently sell or buy and make easy financial transactions. [...]

Give Fresh Look to Your office with Business Furniture

Many businesspeople do not stress on the appearance of their office furniture rather they choose to purchase ordinary, cheaper or sometimes uncomfortable furniture that may convey a wrong message to your potential clients, employees, and customers. [...]

Decorate Your Kids Bedroom With Beautiful Furniture

Parenthood is a blessing in the lives of all the parents, and parents always want to do the best for their kids. If you are a proud parent of a kid(s), then it is very important to decorate your kid’s bedroom in a proper way. Kid’s bedroom is somewhat different from other bedrooms of the house; therefore, you should stress on its perfect arrangement.[...]

How to Get an Affordable Used Kitchen Furniture Online

The buying and selling of most products and services have moved online along with furniture. The scale and scope of furniture sale online have indeed become massive. There exist specialized stores and divisions to deal with this. This also means that the purchase and sale of second-hand furniture can be made the same way. Many kinds of second-hand furniture are catered to in this manner. This article discusses the purchase of affordable and good quality kitchen furniture online. It must be ensured that this furniture is both affordable and effective while being of good quality and type. It must also be durable. Here are some tips to buy affordable used kitchen furniture.[...]

Tips To Design an Ideal Home Office


Casamania bought out by fellow Italian furniture brand Horm

The Italian-owned Horm Group has acquired 100 per cent of "young and fresh" furniture brand Casamania as it looks to expand in the contract market. The group – which also aggregates furniture brand Horm and bedding company Orizzonti under its umbrella – took over Casamania on 6 February 2017. "Horm bought Casamania because it's strategic for us," Horm Group art director and president Renato Zamberlan told Dezeen.[...]

Why Amazon is absent from the Top 25 ranking

HIGH POINT — Amazon did an estimated $1.15 billion in furniture and bedding sales last year, which would place it at No. 17 on Furniture Today’s Top 25. If you’re wondering why then you’re not seeing the online giant on the list, it’s because that’s just one outside estimate — received a little late in the reporting stage — and Furniture Today is not quite ready to make our own official call.[...]

Soft home in spotlight at Big Lots’ ‘Store of the Future’

Columbus, Ohio – Soft home is moving up, and food is moving to the back at the store at Big Lots. In its emerging “Store of the Future” concept, Big Lots has come up with a new layout that emphasizes soft home, furniture and seasonal and downplays its former headliners - food and consumables. [...]

Rugs America launches new website for pet collection

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Rugs America has launched a new website for its Pets@Heart collection with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Rugs America first launched the Pets@Heart pet rug line in March during the spring edition of the New York Home Fashions Market.[...]

La-Z-Boy leverages e-commerce to win younger customers

MONROE, Mich. – To win more Millennial and Generation X customers, La-Z-Boy Inc. seeks to provide a “best-in-class” online omnipresence, which includes improving its website, supplying third-party e-commerce retailers and possibly an arrangement with Amazon Marketplace.[...]

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