About Us


Who We Are


Furniture Catch INC. The USA registered and based corporation owns and operates  FurnitureCatch.com an online business using the latest most advanced eCommerce, directory, brands, and vendors (stores) accounts dedicated and exclusively targeting the global furniture market.  


FurntiureCatch is a unique and original idea of combining everything there is to the Furntiure industry under one roof. It is the result and creativity of expert web and software developers, online and digital marketing experts coming together to come up with the top and best online solutions available there is as of 2017 for the furniture industry and markets. The effort is reached by effectively helping, promoting, and ensuring guaranteed effective exposure, increase sales and profits for furniture stores, manufacturers, and brands.  


What We Do


FurnitureCatch.com is designed and developed to become a global online business for anyone searching for any furniture by category or type, to easily find what they are looking for and buy online or order from furniture dealers and stores directly and indirectly or even contact the store directly for inquiries and special offers.


FurnitureCatch.com is new and modern.

As the online world and Internet demand is growing by the day, FurnitureCatch.com has chosen to start marketing by country heavily based on the high online demand existing already, but the furniture industry is far behind in the technological realm of how online marketing works.


Lebanon has been chosen to be the pilot country, and within the near future, FurnitureCatch.com will grow to a famous level for the entire Middle East and North Africa connecting all online furniture searchers and buyers with the right sellers and dealers.